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How to Tie a Bully Bluegill Spider

Below you will find a step-by-step guide and a video for tying the Bully Bluegill Spider.

Materials for this fly include:

  • Hook: Standard wet-fly hook, sizes 10 and 12

  • Thread: UT 140 Chartreuse

  • Weight: .015 lead wire

  • Body: Fluorescent Yellow Chenille-small Other color options: Black, green, red, white (Experiment with colors!)

  • Legs: Black round-rubber legs are most common. Again, play around with colors!

  • Head: Tying thread.

  • Head cement can be used, but is not necessary.


Step 1

Secure hook in your vise.

Step 2

Start your tying thread in the middle of the hook and wrap toward the barb.

Step 3

Take your lead wire and start making wraps from the point of the hook and work forward (10-15 wraps). Wrap the extra lead over top the layer you just made.

Step 4

Make thread wraps forward to secure the lead wraps, build a thread wall in front of the lead, then wrap back toward the barb.

Step 5

Tie in the chenille. Make a loose wrap then make two to three tight wraps.

Step 6

Wrap your thread toward the eye of the hook. Then, wrap the chenille toward the eye of the hook and tie it off with two to three right wraps.

Step 7

Trim the excess chenille. Use the thread to build a head by making several wraps.

Step 8

Take a strand of your rubber legs, fold it in half, and tie down. Again, make a loose wrap then two to three tight wraps.

Step 9

Pull the loop back and tie it down with two to three wraps. Take a few more wraps to cover the rubber legs. You can wrap several times to cover the rubber legs, but they do not need to be completely covered. The fish will still go for it!

Step 10

Trim the rubber legs so they are all the same length. Whip finish and you are done!

Optional: Apply head cement where you cut your thread.

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