How to Tie a Bully Bluegill Spider

Below you will find a step-by-step guide and a video for tying the Bully Bluegill Spider.

Materials for this fly include:

  • Hook: Standard wet-fly hook, sizes 10 and 12

  • Thread: UT 140 Chartreuse

  • Weight: .015 lead wire

  • Body: Fluorescent Yellow Chenille-small Other color options: Black, green, red, white (Experiment with colors!)

  • Legs: Black round-rubber legs are most common. Again, play around with colors!

  • Head: Tying thread.

  • Head cement can be used, but is not necessary.

Step 1

Secure hook in your vise.

Step 2

Start your tying thread in the middle of the hook and wrap toward the barb.