Ohio Guide Series: Jeff Liskay

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

We are excited to feature Jeff Liskay of Great Lakes Flyfishing in this week's Ohio guide series! Jeff Liskay has been a self-admitted steelhead junkie for nearly four

decades.  From his home base in northern Ohio, Liskay has fished across

the entire Great Lakes and is now reaching into Alaska, Oregon,

Washington, British Columbia, and beyond.  He is well recognized for both

his two-hand casting and fishing skills and is a regular on the Spey

gathering circuit as both an observer and a presenter.

Liskay spends the warmer months prowling Great Lakes shoreline areas

chasing warm-water species on the fly, but as the weather cools steelhead

take over.  He is considered one of the top guides on Ohio’s Lake Erie

tributaries and is also in high demand as a Spey casting instructor. He is

an established speaker and presenter, giving numerous club and show

programs each year. Jeff is also a talented fly tier- his creations are

generally simple, functional, fish catchers.

Liskay is a Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador and a Pro Staff member for

a number of companies, including Scientific Anglers and Scott Fly Rods.

He has been featured in books and magazines, on television, and in

podcasts for his angling skills. Liskay owns and operates Great Lakes

Flyfishing that provides angling adventures on Lake Erie, Lake St Clair and

the inland lakes and waterways of Ohio. He also operates Silver Fury

Guide Service and Schools, where he focuses on the use of two-hand rods

and swung flies for migratory fish.

How long have you been fly fishing? How were you introduced to the sport?

My journey started on Michigan’s Au Sable river in the mid 70’s chasing trout based out

of Graying, so I’m not great at math but thinking it’s been over 40+ years…Haaaa!