Why is my Knee Wet, Again?

As an angler, spending time on the water is not only essential to maintaining our skillset, but also our sanity. This peaceful time is always dreadfully short. Proper upkeep of our equipment ensures that time is meaningful and uninterrupted by damaged equipment.

Breathable waders provide a lightweight option to many anglers. They allow us access to hidden gems and deep holes - just beyond the reach of the riverbanks.

If you’re an angler like I am, waders are an essential piece of your self-care routine.

So, what happens when our waders start to leak? When one leg is wet after being in the water? Do we wrap our leg in plastic wrap and keep fishing? Do we throw the waders out and go spend a small fortune on a new pair? Do we send them back to the manufacturer* only to anxiously await their return?

The answer is simple … We repair our breathable waders ourselves. Oh ya, and we remember to take better care of them in the future

*Always defer to the manufacturer recommendations with any wader repair.

A word before we continue … You will need a few days to ensure proper repair of your leaky waders. This is not a quick fix. I’m not a magician. When done correctly, you’ll likely never have to worry about that leak again.

If you’re ready, let’s get started …


There are two phases to repairing a seam leak in your breathable waders.

  • Phase 1: Finding the leak

  • Phase 2: Fixing the leak


Phase 1: Finding the leak

  • Fill ‘er Up Ladder Hose Assistant

  • Spray ‘em Down Rubbing Alcohol in Spray Bottle