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Gear Review: Miss Mayfly Waders

Waders are a necessity in many fly fishing situations, but so often women find it difficult to find a wader that actually fits their body type. Since we hear this complaint so often, we decided to have our first gear review focus on Miss Mayfly Waders.

Miss Mayfly was founded in 2016 by a female angler, Kimberly Ranalla, who struggled to find gear that fit, performed & looked flattering. In 2018, Miss Mayfly entered the wader market and so far their waders have received many positive reviews. Below you will hear from Ohio female angler Becky Calfe and her review of the wader.


Last fall when, in a fit of frustrated rage, I threw my poorly fitted "women's" waders in the trash, I was sure that I wouldn't be able to find a pair of waders made for women that had hips. I went to a couple shops and tried on a number of different brands, but every time the sales rep pointed me towards the men's section because the women's cut just didn't account for my body style.

When a speaker at our monthly club meeting was demoing a pair of Miss Mayfly waders, she promised a great fit, an exceptional range of sizes, and a quality product provided by a woman owned business. I was skeptical, but hopeful. I got on their website and used their sizing guide to pick out the right pair. I was already impressed with the range of size options available. I pre-ordered a pair and anxiously awaited for them to arrive.

Christmas came early when they arrived! I was still dressed for work when I got the package, but I couldn't wait to see if they fit. I was still apprehensive. Lots of wader companies had made me grandiose promises and then let me down. I pulled them on and was SO excited! THEY FIT! Not only did they fit, but they were comfortable, made super well, and looked amazing (I know looks aren't super important in fishing, but it was a bonus).

A couple weeks later when I finally was able to get them on the water, I was even more surprised by them. They moved with me. The lined pocket on the front was great for keeping my hands warm and the waterproof inner pocket kept my keys and phone protected while accessible. I didn't feel like an imposter in my own waders. I was over the moon.

Needless to say, I am over the moon for these waders. I've been so excited to tell every woman that I talk to about them in the hopes that they can find the same comfort that I did. I love that the world of fishing is getting so much more accessible to all types of people. It's refreshing and encouraging to see companies, like Miss Mayfly, putting the effort into considering the unique challenges that woman face out on the water. I'm excited to see how this company evolves and hope you'll give them a look when you are in the market for some new waders!

Author: Becky Calfe

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