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Mayfly Project Mentor Request

My name is Andy Scott and I’m excited to share that we are hoping to launch a new chapter of the Mayfly Project here in central Ohio in the spring/summer of 2021. I will be taking on the role of project lead and I need help. I am looking for 5 or 6 committed mentors with a passion for fly fishing and a heart for mentoring young people. The specific focus of the Mayfly Project is to serve youth currently in the foster care system.

I am hoping to get the mentor roster lined up by the end of 2020 in order to allow us to formalize other plans for the spring and be prepared to serve these kids when it’s time. I don’t have specific dates set yet, but the ask is to commit to 5 sessions with the kids over the course of several months that goes over everything from the basics of setting up the equipment, casting, creating a love for conservation, and hopefully catching a few fish while we’re at it. I imagine it will always be a challenge to have 100% participation from both mentors and mentees, but consistency is key in establishing and developing relationships that will lead to the greatest impact.

If this is something you are interested in, please reach out and I’ll try to fill you in on where we’re at with plans and see if it’s something you might be a good fit for. My e-mail is:

For more information on the Mayfly Project, please visit their website here.

For more detailed info on their mentor program, please read this document.

I look forward to working with anyone who feels compelled and I’m excited to work with others to spread the love for our streams, their fish, and the art of fly fishing.


Andy Scott

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